(Historic McDonough Park in Geneva, NY begins renovations)

Geneva, NY: The Geneva Red Wings are excited to announce the start of a multi-million dollar improvement project to historic McDonough Park, home of the Red Wings.

In conjunction with Hobart College, who also play at McDonough Park, renovations have already started that will improve amenities for both players and fans.  McDonough Park first opened in the 1890’s.

“We’re extremely excited to be able to make so many incredible upgrades to our beautiful, historic ballpark.  When this project is finished, it will be an incredible asset to Hobart College, the City of Geneva, and the Red Wings,” stated Red Wings owner, Bob Ohmann.

The improvement project is already underway with the installation of a state-of-the-art LED lighting system that will reduce energy costs and provide much better field lighting.  The new ballpark lights will shine upon a brand new infield that will include a new playing surface as well as a new sprinkler system.   New bullpens and batting cages will be added and the indoor clubhouse will also be remodeled.

Fan amenities will also be improved as a new sound system will be installed and new seating options will be built.

Further funding is currently being sought to complete the project.