The PGCBL Playoffs are fast approaching, with the first two games coming up on Saturday. Here is what we know.

The Format

The PGCBL Playoffs will feature eight teams, four from each division. The First Round will be one-game matchups hosted by the higher-seeded teams. The East games will be played on Saturday, while the West will begin on Sunday. As for the game time, that will be based on the home team and announced after the bracket is finalized.

The Second Round, like the first, will be hosted by the higher seed. Advancement to the Finals will be based on another one-game round. Both divisions will play their game on Monday, August 1.

The Finals will be a three-game series, with two games going to the higher-seeded team. The series will either start Tuesday, August 1, with the exact locations and setup being determined after the Second Round.

Who’s In?

To this point, five teams have secured their place in the Playoffs. The Amsterdam Mohawks were the first to punch their ticket, now boasting a 37-6 record. In addition, the Mohawk Valley DiamondDawgs (27-18), Saugerties Stallions (25-18), Batavia Muckdogs (28-14), and the Utica Blue Sox (26-17) have also made it in.

What’s Left to Play For?

One spot is left in the East. Currently held by Oneonta (22-21), the Albany Dutchmen (20-23), and the Watertown Rapids (20-23) are still in contention with two days remaining. As for the West, two places are remaining. If the standings hold, the Auburn DoubleDays (24-20) and Geneva Red Wings (21-19) will receive the bids. The Elmira Pioneers (22-20) and Jamestown Tarp Skunks (21-22) are chasing them.

There is still more to play for those who’ve already made it. Batavia and Utica are still competing for the top seed in the West, giving them guaranteed home-field advantage through the first two rounds. In the East, Mohawk Valley and Saugerties are still vying for the second seed and a home game.

If two teams are tied on win percentage, their head-to-head record will be the tiebreaker for all places.