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The Joy of Ownership

So you want to own a baseball team? Who doesn’t? We sit in the stands, we sit on the couch, we think we have all the answers.

  • More cogent player personnel decisions, check.
  • A more efficient parking system at the stadium, check.
  • Cheaper beer, of course.
  • A better variety of food, done.
  • Fire that damn manager already, check, check, and check!

How hard can it be? Anyone who knows baseball could do it, right? Maybe? It certainly would be fun to find out.

Well, a small-business owner in the leafy hamlet of Oneonta, New York got the opportunity and jumped at it. Four years ago, the Oneonta Outlaws went up for sale, and Gary Laing, a life-long resident of the City of the Hills, didn’t miss his chance. After a brief conversation with his wife, Karen, he plunked down the purchase price (amount, undisclosed) and — along with a silent partner, a dear friend who Gary first met playing at Oneonta Little League — became the proud owner of an amateur baseball team.

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