Draft sees record number of PGCBL alumni taken

Ryan Clark of the 2014 Amsterdam Mohawks (PC: Corey Mansfield)

Over the course of the three-day Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft, the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League had a total of 43 players drafted, including its first-ever first round pick.

The 43 draft picks were the most in PGCBL history, beating out 31 in 2013. Holder, who played for the Glens Falls Golden Eagles during the summer of 2013, was drafted 30th overall by the New York Yankees. The first and second rounds of the draft were held Monday night, with Rounds 3-10 taking place on Tuesday and Rounds 11-40 on Wednesday. 

"I have been so very impressed with the talent I have seen on the field during our first four years of play,” said PGCBL President Jeff Kunion. “Coaches around the country have recognized the quality programs each of franchises have established for their players. MLB has noticed too, drafting a record number of PGCBL alumni this year." 

For a full list of the draft picks, go here.

Holder was the first former PGCBL player to be drafted in a round earlier than the third (Tom Murphy-3rd round of 2012). He played in 12 games for Glens Falls during the 2013 summer. During those 12 games, Holder totaled five RBIs and hit one double. He hit .156 in his time in the PGCBL.

Holder was named the West Coast Conference Player of the Year honors since 2007 and the third consecutive. He is also currently a semi-finalist for the Brooks Wallace Award, which honors the nation's best collegiate shortstop.

Ryan Clark (Amsterdam 2014) was the next former PGCBL player to be drafted. Clark was drafted in the 5th round (150th overall) by the Atlanta Braves. During the 2014 summer in Amsterdam, Clark went 3-0 with a 2.31 ERA in seven starts for the Mohawks.

Jesse Jenner, who played for the Glens Falls Golden Eagles in 2013, was selected in the 7th round with the 221st overall pick. Jenner played in nine games for the Golden Eagles and had a .344 on-base percentage in those games.

Danny De La Calle was one of five former Utica Brewers to be drafted, with his name being called in the 9th round by the Tampa Bay Rays.

“I had goose bumps all over my body; I just couldn’t believe it happened. I am just so fortunate that a club like Tampa Bay selected me,” De La Calle said in a Florida State news release. “I want to do everything I can for the organization and do what I know I can do on the field. I am also extremely happy that I will get a chance to play close to home, to have so many family and friends close by is a great feeling.” 

Zander Wiel, who played for Oneonta in 2012, was drafted in the 12th round by the Minnesota Twins. Cedric Mullins, a 2014 Utica Brewer, was the next PGCBL alumnus to go off the board as he was selected in the 13th round by the Baltimore Orioles. Mullins stole 22 bases last summer in 41 games while hitting .287.

Two 2012 PGCBL players were then drafted with Jeff Boehm (Amsterdam) going 405th overall to the Los Angeles Angels and Dylan Bosheers going 444th overall to the Philadelphia Phillies. 

The Amsterdam Mohawks then rifled off three-straight PGCBL picks. Kyle Barrett (2013) went 446th overall to the Miami Marlins, Thomas Hackimer (2014) was taken three picks later and Trey Wingenter (2013) was taken in the 17th round, 507th overall, to the San Diego Padres. 

In total, Amsterdam led the league with 11 total draft selections.

Matt Portland (Glens Falls 2013) was the final PGCBL alumnus drafted in the top 20 rounds. He posted a 3.49 ER in seven starts while with the Golden Eagles.

The 21st round saw three former PGCBL players get drafted, including 2013 batting champ Michael Pierson (Utica) to the Los Angeles Angels, 2013 Home Run Derby champion Matt Dacey (Albany) and 2012 PGCBL champion Matt Pirro to the Washington Nationals. 

2015 Amsterdam Mohawk Max Watt was drafted in the 22nd round to the Boston Red Sox, 2012 Mohawk Ed Charlton went to the Reds in the 23rd round and Trevor Lacosse, a member of the 2012 Albany Dutchmen, was drafted in the same round by the Miami Marlins.  

Both Glens Falls and Oneonta had a member from their 2012 teams drafted in the 24th round as Brandon Magallones went to the White Sox and Sutton Whiting went to the Cubs.

Newark saw its first player go in the 25th round with Steve Laurino (2013) going to the Baltimore Orioles.

Here’s a breakdown of how many players each team had drafted and who they were drafted by:

Amsterdam: 11

  • Ryan Clark (2014) 5th round to Atlanta
  • Jeff Boehm (2012) 13th round to Los Angeles (AL)
  • Kyle Barrett (2013) 15th round to Miami
  • Thomas Hackimer (2014) 15th round to New York (NL)
  • Trey Wingenter (2013) 17th round to San Diego
  • Matt Pirro (2012) 21st to Washington
  • Max Watt (2015) 22nd to Boston
  • Ed Charlton (2013) 23rd to Cincinnati
  • Rocky McCord (2012) 26th to Baltimore
  • Joe Purritano (2014) 30th to Cincinnati
  • Mike Wallace (2015) 30th to Pittsburgh

Glens Falls: 9

  • Kyle Holder (2013) 1st to New York (AL)
  • Jesse Jenner (2013) 5th to St. Louis
  • Dylan Bosheers (2012) 15th to Philadelphia
  • Matt Portland (2013) 17th to Kansas City
  • Jared Cheek (2012) 21st to Chicago (NL)
  • Tayler Saucedo (2012) 21st to Toronto
  • Brian Magalones (2012) 24th to Chicago (AL)
  • Josh Anderson (2013) 38th to Arizona
  • John Stewart (2015) 40th to Atlanta

Utica: 5

  • Danny De La Calle (2012) 9th to Tampa Bay
  • Cedric Mullins (2014) 13th to Baltimore
  • Michael Pierson (2013) 21st to Los Angeles (AL)
  • Stephen Dezzi (2012) 25th to Arizona
  • Marcus Crescentini (2012) 26th to Los Angeles (NL)

Albany: 4

  • Matt Dacey (2013) 21st to Tampa Bay
  • Trevor Lacosse (2012) 23rd to Miami
  • Jacob Shortslef (2015) 26th to Texas
  • Joe Purritano (2013) 30th to Cincinnati 

Newark: 4

  • Steve Laurino (2013) 25th to Baltimore
  • Kane Sweeney (2012) 29th to New York (AL)
  • Luis Silverio (2014) 33rd to Arizona
  • Drew Hasler (2013) 34th to Chicago (AL)

Oneonta: 4

  • Zander Wiel (2012) 12th to Minnesota
  • Sutton Whiting (2012) 24th to Chicago (NL)
  • Taylor Hicks (2012) 26th to Detroit
  • David Sosebee (2012) 28th to New York (AL)

Mohawk Valley: 4

  • Keegan Long (2013) 29th to Arizona
  • Gus Craig (2014) 30th to Seattle
  • Trey Stover (2014) 35th to Kansas City
  • Jordan Serena (2013) 35th to Los Angeles (AL)

Elmira: 1

  • Steve Kimek (2013) 33rd to Baltimore

Adirondack: 1 

  • Brendan Butler (2013) 30th to Oakland

Watertown: 1

  • Colin Theroux (2013) 33rd to Minnesota

The PGCBL is affiliated with Perfect Game, the largest independent scouting service in the country.  This year more than 1,400 professional players will have worn the uniform or participated in a Perfect Game event. 

For all the latest scores and updates, follow the league on Twitter, @PGCBLBaseball.

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